The wonderful thing about modern cell phones and mobile devices is most have very good quality cameras so one always has a camera available to capture special moments. It is now easy to take and share photographs with friends and family via social media but because there are no longer photo printing services easily available everywhere, as was the case in the days of cameras that used film, most of the time photographs simply remain hidden away on ones mobile device or PC.

Thankfully it is now easy to get your photos printed by ordering a photo book online and having it delivered to your door often within a couple of days.

Photobooks are great as they enable one to display photos in way that provides context to the photos and tells a story rather than simply having a bunch of individual photos.


Creating a photo book

The process of creating a photo book is really simple. All vendors of photo books provide free photo book design software that can be downloaded from the internet and used for free. Some also provide online web based applications so you do not even have to download and install any software on your computer, all that you do is upload your photographs and use the online application to easily arrange the photos on the pages the way that you want to create your photobook.

Free photobook software that you download often have a few more options than web based systems and if you intend to create other photo books in future then downloading and installing the software is probably going to make it quicker and easier for you to create your photo books in future.

Whether you choose to download and use the free software or use a web based system the process is very simple;

1) All you have to do is select the size and type of photobook that you want to create. The size and type of photobook will determine the number of pages you have available to arrange your photo on but you will also be able to add additional pages to your photo book if you discover that you need a few more pages to accommodate all the photos that you want to include in the photo book.

2) Then you select a theme from the selection of themes provided by the photobook vendor. Themes consist of decorative background images and design elements that will add character to your photo book rather than simply having blank background pages.

3) You then select your photos and drag and drop them into the pages as you wish to achieve your desired photo book page layouts.



Ordering a photo book

Once you have completed the layout of your photo book it is a simple matter of ordering the photobook. This a simple process as the photobook software will package all the design elements and photos into the required format and transmit them directly to the photobook vendor via the internet for printing. All you need to do is provide your delivery address and of course do an online payment for the photobook. The vendor will then print and bind the photo book and have it delivered to your door within a few days.



Currently photo books are easy to create and order online or by using free photobook software downloaded from the internet but Binding Memories was originally established as a franchise before photo books were easily available online. Binding Memories franchisees were located throughout the major centers in South Africa and some neighbouring southern African countries and provided photo book design and printing services in places like Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria and many other places in South Africa as well as having some franchisees providing photo books in Swakopmund Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. With the ease and popularity of ordering photobooks online the photo book franchise stopped trading a few years ago.