Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Binding Memories

Q:Which financial institution is being used by Binding Memories?
A:We are with FNB.

Q:Is a schedule for National Training available?
A:We arrange training as and when required.

Q:What does the Initial business training cover?
A:Training covers marketing, strategy, finance, costing, design, print techniques and binding principles - everything you need to run the business successfully.

Q:How many people are permitted to attend training, per franchisee?
A:We can train up to 2 new members per session. However we can train staff at a later stage.

Q:Would accommodation required during Training be for the franchisee’s account?
A:You will need to arrange your own accommodation if required.

Q:Is there a necessity to have additional staff to assist with production?
A:No, since any large orders can be done through head office or subcontracted to other franchisees.

Q:Must monthly management reports be compiled by a qualified bookkeeper / accountant?
A:You can do the monthly report.

Q:How do I receive orders once I place them with head office?
A:Orders will be sent via courier - cost for your account.

Q:Is Insurance for the equipment recommended?
A:Yes, the equipment is very expensive.

Q:What are the costs and expenses relating to the business?

  • Franchise fee: Price on application. (P.O.A)
  • Working Capital: Initial stock provided, but 2-3 months personal overheads are recommended.
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Advertising: We provide you with 500 leaflets for marketing with your telephone number.

Q:Is there a guarantee on the equipment?
A:Yes, one year manufacturer's guarantee.


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